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Green Building Products

Green Building Products

Now, more than ever, building product manufacturers and representatives are seeking ways to capture the attention of green building professionals. Meanwhile architects, interior designers, engineers, and contractors are seeking comprehensive, concise and current product literature to help in the materials selection process. In a response to these challenges Green Ideas developed Greenleaf to connect the products with the professionals. Services include education programs and evaluation of marketing materials such as LEED documentation and presentations.

Green Ideas provide an educational seminar to help your team discuss the relevant environmental impacts of building products and processes, how your products reduce or eliminate those impacts and how your products and literature support green building rating systems such as LEED. This service is intended to create an ongoing program to maintain and enrich the knowledge level of team members developing and marketing your products. Green Ideas will assist in creating internal educational materials such as literature, presentations and videos aimed at building on the environmental performance of your company and its products.

At your next conference, arm your sales representatives with the confidence to communicate the environmental attributes of your products! Please view our seminar descriptions page for more information on the following programs:

View our corporate training services to that will help you meet the increasing demands of your company and your employees in the green marketplace.

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